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Men Fucking Machines

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Butt Machine Boys Men

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Butt Machine Boys

Tough man Dak gets caught on cam screaming like a boy after harsh and demanding Machine Challenge. Instead of toys confident Dak asks to be warmed up with the Fucksall drill that nearly tears his hairy butt apart. Dak proceeds to the Crystal Palace, the machine with a metal shaft mounted upwards that fucks him smoothly even at full speed. All stretched out and warmed up Dak is now ready for the Predator. With deep strokes at high speed this nasty machine sends Dak to a screaming orgasm which is so loud like we haven’t heard it on this site before…

Men Butt Machine Clip

The episode taken from THIS SITE

Men Butt Machine

Skater guy Prince finds himself at his older friend’s place in the company of fucking machines. Being curious like all people of his age are he decides to try them on. He strips down and plays with some rubber toys. Unexperienced with machinery Prince cums almost instantly once the Cyclone machine starts to work on his cock. Still not satisfied with the result, Prince plugs the dildo attachment of the Buddy Fucker machine up his butt. This makes him moan like a wild animal once it starts to ram his hole. The Dragon machine finishes him off in the doggy position and then on the couch…

Male Fucking Machine Clip

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Male Fucking Machine

Biker at heart Luke was looking forward to riding the Chopper at Butt Machine Boys. And the fact that the machine doesn’t have a noisy pipe or even wheels didn’t stop him from getting just enough if not more excited than when he rides his own bike. Luke exercises his butt with the Fucksall which he runs at full speed. Then he gets to ride the Crystal Palace that fucks his male hole on the floor before he finally gets allowed to try the Chopper. He jumps on it and sits with a dildoed shaft deep up his ass. Like a wild rider he is he cranks the throttle open…

Anal Fucking Machine Clip

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Anal Fucking Machine

Hairy Conner is caught all hard and horny in the public shower room. He gets his cock even harder by inserting glass dildo deep up his hairy ass. After easing his tight anal hole, Conner backs into the Fucksall machine that drills him for good. He then tries on the Satisfier that vibrates his guts and nuts bringing him closer to the edge. He barely saves his huge load for the Dragon, the machine that fucks the man out of him banging his ass with crazy speed he hasn’t experienced before. Conner screams and sprays cum on his hairy chest

Butt Fucking Machine Clip

The episode taken from THIS SITE

Butt Fucking Machine

Patrick is back for more fucking machines action. His sexy butt seems to be created for anal sex so tight and nicely shaped it is. The master doesn’t waste time getting to know the model before plunging a thick rubber dick on metal pole connected spinning disk into his ass hole instead he gets straight to the business. Patrick has already got the idea of what to expect as he still has fresh memories of his last visit. Van ties him in bondage and starts warming his butt up with electric dick that is capable of moving at mind-blowing speed in preparation to the Intruder…

Ass Fucking Machine Clip

The episode taken from THIS SITE

Ass Fucking Machine

Cute student Kriss gets into trouble when he decides to take the bath in the basement of Kink Castle where all the brutal machinery is stored including ass fucking ones. After getting himself hard in the shower and getting into the tub Kriss finds himself in the company of the Buddy Fucker and the Little Guy, two water resistant machines that make him spray water and later his own juices all around the place. The Buddy Fucker gives him a nice fucking to open his ass hole wide enough for the huge dildo operated by the Little Guy that continues to pound his butt to orgasm..

Ass Fucking Machine For Men

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Ass Machine For Men

Italian hottie Gabriel shows up for the shoot in great mood with anticipation of hard ass fucking action. He spreads his ass cheeks nice and wide so toys could easily slide into his wet hole with almost no resistance. Firstly, he receives a nice pounding from the Dragon fucking machine that leaves him hungry for more of such electrical pleasing. Then The Snake machine, that is capable of fucking his mouth and hole simultaneously, takes the job of giving this young man a ride of a life time. The huge pole with dildo attachment fucks his muscled ass with water spraying around…

Butt Fucking Machine For Men

The episode taken from THIS SITE

Butt Machine For Men
Body-builder sweaty butt fucked by electric machine

Ari returns home pumped up and hard after 2-hour workout at his local gym. He plays with his cock and butt hole in his private bedroom. Ari puts a few toys up his ass to warm it up for all the machinery that is coming in to destroy his ass next. He takes the Intruder fucking machine out of the closet and rides it like crazy. Working up until he starts to sweat again, Ari gets fucked to the great orgasm by the Dragon machine. The Dragon pounds his tight hole with the enormous dildo fast and hard… hard enough for Ari to explode with fountain of cum…

Men With Fucking Machine

The episode taken from THIS SITE

Men With Fucking Machine
Tight ass CJ fucked in both holes with single machine

The Ass Master is back to Butt Machine Boys again as his appetite for hot young man is enormous. This time his victim is sexy CJ who has a big cock and a hungry butt hole. The AM forces him to strip naked and warms his ass with dildos. To get to his freedom,CJ has to endure punishment by a series of fucking machines. He starts with the Scorpion that fucks him in the standing position. Then the Predator machine takes his butt in doggy style. The Master than fills CJ’s holes while he is on his back by inserting dildos into his mouth and ass via the Snake Machine…

Fucking Machine For Men

The episode taken from THIS SITE

Fucking Machine Men
Army man has his muscled ass worked by fucking machine

Being an army boy Tyler is trained to withstand the pain no matter how strong it gets. And be sure his ass soared from all the butt fucking action he had to endure during the following episode. The punishment starts from usual warm up routine with mechanical toys that get him rock hard. The Satisfier machine which then gets plugged into his hole nearly makes him explode his load in the first few minutes of the clip. He handles it like a true soldier. The heavy duty Annihilator machine that is big and loud is brought in to give him another strength test. After pounding Tyler’s hole relentlessly it milks his balls dry in pain mixed with pleasure…

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